Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A teacher's diary

Good evening!

These three last days have been exhausting! But I can't complain, and I'll tell you why... On Monday, another group of teachers joined us, so we formed a big group of 30 students. That obviously was too big to work. We were divided and mixed into two groups.
We had a lecturer in the morning, and another different one in the afternoon. We worked on vocabulary for the classroom, expressions, story-telling, etc.

On Tuesday, we had a day trip to visit Tunbridge Wells, Rye and Kent Villages. We had an awesome walk through the county of Kent, called as well, the garden of England, because of the hundreds of amazing and lovely gardens they have.

We had a very nice and warm cream tea, which is a very old way to have the tea in This part of the country. Ah! And of course,  we celebrated that the future king of England was born the day before!

And finally today, we have been working with Ulla Schaefer, she is a retired teacher from Germany, who has worked as a foreign Language teacher for many years. We will be working with her during the week.     

Keeping my mind open wide, is the best I can do.

Have a great week!!!

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