Sunday, 21 July 2013

A teacher's diary

Hello again...
Time flies, and the first week has gone! We have had two very interesting lessons this week. 
The lecturer for the first lesson was David Deadman, a man who was born in Scotland, raised in Kent, England... And worked for many years in Buenos Aires, Argentina... An excellent way to start the week. He gave us some clues, or ideas to survive to " phrasal verbs and prepositions." Our Second lecturer, Christopher Croft, was a man from England who had worked in Buenos Aires as well. He is an English grammar teacher. I found his lesson clear, practical and entertaining. 
Both teachers, David and Christopher, had been very very helpful. It is difficult to teach lots of things in a day or two, but they got to do it! And now, I just have to practice what I have learnt! 
I post several pictures, so you can see the place where we are studying and learning, always learning. You can see a picture of the whole group of teachers attending the course. 
It's beeing an amazing experience! 
Thanks for reading these lines... I' ll keep writing. Take care! 

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